Looking twice at the history of science

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What do I think of Will's picture? Part II

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This is my last post on Will's picture, but by no means the least. My aim here is to identify gaps or inconsistencies in Will's picture, with a view to exploring these issues on this blog in the future. This post ends with a list of ten questions for future posts. Expand post.

What do I think of Will's picture? Part I

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Will's picture is, on the whole, a critical one. What do we see if we turn a critical eye on that picture itself? As readers will have gathered from the last few posts, I am broadly sympathetic to the picture. It expresses in a vivid way some issues that have been around for a while in the profession. More importantly, it brings up new issues that few others have put their finger on. But it also raises a number of puzzles and leaves a number of gaps to fill. This post is a résumé of the virtues and novelties of Will's picture as I see them. The follow-up post looks at some of the gaps and puzzles. Expand post.